Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All Hallows Eve

Peace of Christ! What are all of you doing to bring back the Catholic roots of All Hallows Eve this October 31st? Thanks to a little exploration on the internet I found this article at the Catholic Herald that details some interesting ways to bring back the Catholic roots on this upcoming All Hallows Eve.

For example, they suggested to:

-Dress children up as saints and angels
-Carve happy faces into pumpkins with crosses in their foreheads
-Light a candle and place it in the window of your home
-Have a bonfire
-Wear white

I am going to carve crosses into the foreheads of our "happy" pumpkins and maybe I will even attempt to carve the Sacred Heart of Jesus too! I also think my family is going to place a candle in the window as well as an icon of Christ to show that we believe that Christ is the Light of the World. My dad and I might attempt a small bonfire and I am planning on wearing white as well.

Praise be to God for our life, our family, and our friends.

P.S. I will probably post pictures soon!

God bless!