Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Please pray for..

Hello everyone, I would just like to ask for all of you if you can to remember an elderly lady I visit in your prayers. Her name is Jo ann, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for all you guys do, you rock!

God Bless!!


Monday, October 7, 2013


The picture below is my Breviarium Romanum from 1915, Pars Verna, I was only able to get one volume the other volumes are kind of hard to find! Its in great shape and I will post more pictures soon.
Below is my Breviarium Monasticum, it is part of a 2 volume set and I am currently in the process of finding the first one. I think this one is from 1934 and surprisingly its in not as good of shape as the book previous. Its about 1200 pages but they are double columned and contain and the hours from Matins-Compline.  

Finally this is my Antiphonale Monasticum, it contains all the chant for the Day Hours, its is in great condition has a beautiful section in the back for learning chant and different prayers. I am going to post more pictures of this one because I just love the old Gregorian Chant.

Enjoy, if you guys want to see any particular part of the books I will be happy to post them. :)


Hello everyone! I am so sorry I haven't been active on my blog for awhile, I have been very busy with school and am sad to say I didn't leave much time for blogging. But fear not! That will not be the case from this day forward!

I am almost done with 1st quarter of my schooling, my Latin, English, Algebra 2 and Orchestra classes are going very well. Algebra 2 is a constant struggle and Latin has a lot for me to memorize that I feel I need to walk around with a Latin Dictionary strapped to my arm..

I am actually in the process of collection old breviaries especially the Breviarium Monasticum and the Breviarium Romanum. So far I have one Breviarium Monasticum from the 1930's, the Antiphonale Monasticum and the Breviarium Romanum from 1914. It is so beautiful to see the old Divine Office and I love that I am learning Latin because it helps me in my goals to read and translate these books.

A few days ago one of my birds that I have had for 10 years died leaving behind its old buddy. My dad and I decided to buy two new birds to be his companion. Now I have a large cage full of three society finches that chirp and sing all day while I am doing my schoolwork. Most of the time I just start smiling because the chirps/songs they make are so fun!

I have to admit I am excited for Christmas, the Advent season and Thanksgiving have really been a happy time for me so I am very excited for the coming of the Lord! :)

I will post soon and I will hopefully post some pictures of my books.

God bless you all.