Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End Abortion!

Here is something I don't is illegal to kill a bald eagle or certain types of animals but its okay to kill a baby? I mean a live human being! My dad's friend from Hawaii says they have more protections for animals than for humans. It just doesn't make sense to me. The thing we should be really worried about is protecting are unborn children! They are not just a lump of cells, they are humans.

Abortion might seem fine on the outside but most people don't know what it is. It involves killing the live baby in your womb. This could be by injecting poisonous chemicals into its body, making the women have a premature birth just to cut its spinal cord and sometimes after it is done, flush it down the toilet. As you can see abortion is safe, friendly and about not! Abortion is cruel and inhuman and we must do everything we can to stop it.

Here is something I found on,

"Embryo: The developing individual between the union of the germ cells and the completion of the organs which characterize its body when it becomes a separate organism.... At the moment the sperm cell of the human male meets the ovum of the female and the union results in a fertilized ovum (zygote), a new life has begun.... The term embryo covers the several stages of early development from conception to the ninth or tenth week of life."
[Considine, Douglas (ed.). Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia. 5th edition. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1976, p. 943]

Sorry for all the technical terms...I don't understand some of them either..but I wanted to point attention to "a new life has begun.." I know some people will say this is false but life begins at conception! We need to stand up and fight for the unborn babies, my parish awhile ago went on a nature hike and prayed the rosary to stop abortion. I know one of the Catholic Schools up here goes to planed parenthood in Salt Lake to protest and pray outside of the facility. We need to stop abortion, it is murder!

What can you do?

  • Join a protest
  • Pray the rosary for the end of abortion
  • Educate people on the facts of abortion

There are many more but I just gave a few to help get your mind flowing!

Prayer for the unborn babies:

Almighty God, our Father,
you who have given us life 
and intended us to have it forever, 
grant us your blessings. 
Enlighten our minds to an awareness 
and to a renewed conviction 
that all human life is sacred 
because it is created 
in your image and likeness. 
Help us to teach by word 
and the example of our lives 
that life occupies the first place, 
that human life is precious 
because it is the gift of God 
whose love is infinite. 
Give us the strength to defend human life 
against every influence 
or action that threatens or weakens it, 
as well as the strength 
to make every life more human 
in all its aspects. 

Give us the grace...
When the sacredness of life 
before birth is attacked, 
to stand up and proclaim 
that no one ever has the authority 
to destroy unborn life.

When a child is described as a burden 
or is looked upon only as a means 
to satisfy an emotional need, 
to stand up 
and insist that every child is a unique 
and unrepeatable gift of God, 
a gift of God 
with a right to a loving 
and united family.

When the institution of marriage 
is abandoned to human selfishness 
or reduced to a temporary conditional arrangement 
that can easily be terminated, 
to stand up and affirm 
the indissolubility of the marriage bond.

When the value of the family is threatened 
because of social and economic pressure, 
to stand up and reaffirm 
that the family is necessary 
not only for the private good of every person, 
but also for the common good of every society, 
nation and state.

When freedom is used to dominate the weak, 
to squander natural resources and energy, 
to deny basic necessities to people, 
to stand up and affirm 
the demands of justice and social love.

Almighty Father, 
give us courage to proclaim the supreme dignity 
of all human life and to demand 
that society itself give its protection. 
We ask this in your name, 
through the redemptive act 
of your Son and in the Holy Spirit.


School is almost done!

Today I took my second final and I only have one more to go! I will take that final tomorrow and then I will be done with school for the summer! Alleluia! I cant wait to have summer off, what do you and your family do?


Which homeschool do you use?
Do you have the summer off?
What do you do in the summer?
Do you go on vacation?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of School

Hello everyone! I am very sorry for not posting, I have been finishing up school and should be done by Friday. I have an orchestra concert tomorrow and it will be the last time we will preform a concert ever again with our wonderful music teacher. He is moving to go to Cambridge University to study more and he thought it would be better for him to go there than to miss the opportunity which is exactly right!

I have been reading the Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis, it has been a wonderful read and it is really making me really think and how I can change my life to fit better my Gods Divine Will. I also just got the Monastic Matins in the mail and it has been wonderful to recite.

Summer plans so far:

Teach Vacation Bible School
Go fishing
Go to Jackson Hole
Hopefully go on a retreat up at a Trappist Monastery

Things I want to do:

Go to confession once a week
Pray one full week without missing an office in the LOTH

Good movies I watched:

Vision: It is about the life of St. Hildegard of Bingen, she was a Benedictine Abbess who received visions from God and actually published three books full of them. She lived in the 1000's and was know as a saint for many centuries even though she had not been canonized officially. It wasn't until last year was she finally Canonized by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and was latter declared a doctor of the church. She is an amazing saint, the movie about her is a little intense but well worth it!

The Apostle Peter and the Last Supper: I'm not sure if this is a Catholic movie but it was very interesting to watch. It was about how Peter converted his jailers before his death! It was amazing.

God bless :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monastic Diurnal!

Hello everyone! The last few days I have been doing core testing down at a testing site and I have been doing extra school. Sorry for not posting! But...I finally got my monastic diurnal! It was about last week on Friday. I am so excited to have it to recite the Liturgy of the Hours, especially the way St. Benedict compiled it oh so long ago. I have been in contact with a monk/priest who has been helping me to understand how to use it, thanks be to God for wonderful smart people!

Have any of you used this? Or what are you using!

In Christ,

Nicholas Charbel

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monastic Diurnal

Hello everyone. I just ordered the Monastic Diurnal to replace the Divine Office app on my ipad. Hopefully it will be easy to use, since the Divine Office version was very easy.  But I think it would be better to carry this book  around than to carry my ipad around everywhere. (A) because I like Benedictine Spirituality and I want to experience the the Official Prayer of the Church according to how St. Benedict set it up. (B) because I will bring the Monastic Diurnal to adoration for Vespers because I don't think it is appropriate to bring electronics into adoration. (C) because it won't break, unless my book catches on fire...Overall I hope the Monastic Diurnal will be a good replacement and I will post my thoughts when I get it.

"The Monastic Office was first set forth in all of its essential features and in much of its detail about the year 535 A.D. in the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, the father of Western monasticism. It was the first complete and enduring order of daily praise and prayer in European Christendom.

For fourteen hundred years it has voiced the worship of an ever-increasing circle of devout men and women. It came to England with St. Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, and it was the Prayer Book of those who more than any other group of Religious formed and influenced the Church of England – men such as St. Wilfrid, St. Benedict Biscop, the Venerable Bede, St. Dunstan, St. Anselm. For centuries the Archbishops of Canterbury wore the Benedictine habit, and many of the greater English cathedrals resounded with Benedictine praise.

The Monastic Office was planned from the first for busy men, working at both mental and manual labour. Its recitation was called by St. Benedict the Work of God, ‘Opus Dei’; the primary spiritual labour ‘to which nothing is to be preferred’. – From the Preface

Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven,
Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God,
Have mercy on us.

Heart of Mary, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, according to the heart of God, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, united to the Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, organ of the Holy Spirit, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, sanctuary of the Divine Trinity, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, tabernacle of God Incarnate, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, immaculate in your conception, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, full of grace, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, blessed among all hearts, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, throne of glory, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, most humble, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, holocaust of Divine Love, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, fastened to the Cross with Jesus Crucified, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, comfort of the afflicted, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, refuge of sinners, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, hope of the agonizing, pray for us.
Heart of Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.

Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.

Let us pray:
O most merciful God, who for the salvation of sinners and the refuge of the wretched, has made the Immaculate Heart of Mary most like in tenderness and pity to the Heart of Jesus, grant that we, who now commemorate her most sweet and loving heart, may by her merits and intercession, ever live in the fellowship of the hearts of both Mother and Son, through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
V. Immaculate Heart of Mary, meek and humble of heart:
R. Make our hearts according to the Heart of Jesus.

Prayer to the Immaculte Heart of Mary


O Immaculate Heart of Mary,
full of goodness,
show your love towards us.
Let the flame of your heart,
O Mary, descend on all people.
We love you immensely.
Impress true love in our hearts
so that we have a continuous desire for you.
O Mary, gentle and humble of heart, remember us when we are in sin.
You know that all men sin.
Give us, by means of your Immaculate Heart, spiritual health.
Let us always see the goodness of your motherly heart
and may we be converted by means of the flame of your heart.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Communion Decorations!

Hello everyone! My dad and I are the head if the environmental committee at our church and this is what we did for First Communion! The kids were so Nicely dressed! The girls wore all white dresses and veils like wedding dressed and the boys wore nice suits! It's so cool to see little children receiving our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Glory to God!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rosary Shop

Hello everyone! I decided to sell some of my rosaries here on my blog! Please check out my store and share with your friends! If you would like more pictures or details please contact me.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carmelite Nuns

Hello everyone! For the last few weeks my dad and I have been doing yard work at the Carmelite Monastery here in our lovely state of Utah. We have been mowing their lawn, watering flowers, cutting down trees and all sorts of stuff. It has been really fun to help them and it is so amazing to be in there monastery doing their yard work.

My dad and for the first few days were mowing the lawn on a large John Deere Tractor! It has been so fun, and I have really enjoyed helping them. Just last week we were back in the trails they have back there and we were cutting dead trees down and dead limbs. I got to use the John Deere to pull out all of the logs and set them in a pile to be put into the dumpster. We thought that the dumpster man was going to pick up the pile, the pile was huge, probably around 6 feet tall and 8 feet long by 10 feet wide. When we got there yesterday we learned that the Nuns, by themselves hauled the whole pile over the dumpster! Talk about courage! It wasn't meant for them to do but it was amazing that they got it all moved so quickly.

Yesterday we brought down 25 Easter Lilies that were going to be thrown away to the monastery. One of the Sisters led us to a section in the garden outside their Oratory where they wanted us to plant them. She said it was the rockiest section they had on the monastery, we look at the ground and it was full of rocks. So we hustled back to the shed and grabbed two pick axes and began breaking ground for the plants. It turns out that where we were planting was an old stream bed...that explains all the rocks! But soon the plants were in the ground and a nice new line of plants was added to the monastery.

I have to say, being on the grounds of the monastery is so peaceful and amazing. It is so cool to watch the postulates tend to the flower gardens and to inspect their vineyard. Overall an amazing experience!