Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thought for the day

God made you perfect just the way you are, just because you can't do one thing perfect doesn't mean that your are a failure! Keep trying, because perseverance is the key to success! :)

How to draw

The picture below is a step by step instruction picture on how to draw a sheep....good luck:)

More mazes!

Hello everyone! I have successfully created harder mazes and I hope your kids or siblings enjoy them. I have created two this time, one is helping Mary and Joseph find Jesus and the other one is helping a charitable baker give bread to the poor. I hope you like them, comment if you would like harder mazes or if you just want more of them! God bless you all.

Click here for the Mary and Joseph Maze

Click here for the Charitable Baker Maze.

*To print these mazes, download them to your computer and then print!*

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Twelve Apostles Word Search

Can you kids or siblings name each of the Twelve Apostles? If so, I have created a word search that contains all of their names for them to find! In addition to the word search you could read to them about each apostle by either using the Books of Saints, or any other website or book you can find that contains information about each of the Apostles. Have fun!

Click here for the word search! 

*You need to save the picture to your computer and then print it!*

List of the Twelve Apostles:

James the son of Zebedee 
Matthew, the tax collector
James son of Alphaeus
Simon the Zealot
Judas Iscariot 

(I simplified the names in the word search, I figured trying to find James son of Alpaeus might be a tad hard!)

Friday, August 23, 2013

St. Rose of Lima Maze

Happy Feast Day of St. Rose of Lima, the first Canonized Saint of the New World. She was born in Lima, Peru to parents of Spanish descent and took St. Catherine of Siena as her mentor/model. She was regarded by many as very pretty, and in attempts to stop people from feeling this she used to rub her face with pepper so it was red and disfigured. In attempts to help her parents who were having financial problems she would sow and tend a flower garden to support them with money. Her parents wanted her to marry, but she felt she was called to live in a convent. They wouldn't allow her to join but because of her obedience to her parents she accepted not to go. Instead she lived as a member of the Third Order of St. Dominic, and lived in a small hermitage in her garden. She also set up a room to care for homeless children, the elderly and the sick, which was a beginning to the social services in Peru. She died at the age of 31 at midnight the 24th of August, 1617.

Please click here for a maze for your children or younger family members to complete in honor of St. Rose!

*In order to print this please save the photo in the link and then print it.*

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School

Good morning everyone! Today is my first day of school! To be quite honest I am not very excited about it, but it is a good thing and I will do my best. Turns out we won't be using Seton like we thought, we switched back to K12 so I could graduate early because they accepted my public school credits, (I take orchestra at the high school in addition to home school.)

I have everything I need to make this year successful which includes, 8 note books, pencils and pens and a printer plus my computer! ;) Are any of you starting school today too? If so I will pray for you that it goes well! God bless you!

Prayer before a test

Prayer Before a Test
My God, enable me to trust in the good outcome      of the test I am about to take;      help me to contribute my own share      of optimism and confidence.With your grace, my God,      I hope to crown my efforts with success.Keep far from me at this moment      any presumption that it all depends      exclusively on me.You are next to me, my God,      the necessary and welcome presence      in all the moments of my life.I will take this test, my God,      because it is important      for my personal development.My God, be the source of my inspiration      in my doubts and uncertainties,      supporting me with your blessing.Amen.


This year quarter I will be taking

British and World History
Algebra 2

I will finish these classes in one semester and then I will have three more classes the next semester. It makes it easier because instead of taking lots of finals at the end of the year you only take three at the end of first semester and three at the end of school. It makes it really convenient! :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm back!

So after a five day trip in Jackson Hole I am home! It was great! On the way there I saw a black bear cub running up the side of a hill, only my mom and I saw it though. Once we got to our tent cabin we started a fire and fixed our beds up. A tent cabin is part tent and part cabin, what I meant is that two sides are wood and they hold the cots that hang from the wall. The rest is canvas and a metal frame, it also has a fire pit outside as well as a bear box. That night we had a good time cooking our food, sharing stories and my friend taught me how to make polish potatoes. Polish potatoes are potatoes thrown into a fire and buried in charcoal and ash. After a while you take me out and they are solid black on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside. It's best served with butter and salt and the charcoal is good for the stomach (says my polish friend)!

The next day we explored the wilderness and went fishing, unfortunately I didn't catch anything but had a fun time watching my dog swim in the river. That night we decided to go kayaking on the Jackson Lake, we were having a great time until we saw something walk out of the woods.

It was a black bear less than 200 feet away from us on shore, what turned into a small drink at the lake was actually a swim directly in front of us blocking our path to safety. We watched as the bear swam across the water near our kayaks. It stopped mid way to check us out and continued on its path, we were very worried that it would turn our way because it stopped a few times to check us out. Once at the marina we told the employees who were lost for words! They were in disbelief because they had never seen such a sight!

Once again the next day we went fishing, I got to wear my dads waiters into the water and I fly fished for awhile but was unable to catch anything. The water at spot where we were fishing which is located under the dam was going very fast because they were releasing more water than usual. It didn't prove for good fishing and most of the people there were barely catching anything! But I really enjoyed standing in water up to my waist and watching the water rush by, it is so amazing. The water was clear as crystal and I could see into the depths of the water which revealed rocks of all colors that when mixed with the crystal clear water made a beautiful array of colors.

After fishing we headed to the little chapel a few miles away for mass. My friend who had been in town all day finding a gallery for her paintings met us there. While we were waiting for mass to start a group of motorcyclists rode up and parked in front of us. It turned out they were trAveling the country and usually stopped there to play the piano for fun. They were not Catholic so when my friend asked if they played church music they said no and said they liked rock and roll music. That's when my friend suggested they play a love song and everyone began to laugh! My dad en checked out one of the guys bikes and it lowered to the ground and had the lights that come on under near the tires. The bike was so amazing and it was an Interesting experience to see them pull up there, chaps, helmets, biker vests and all.

Once they left we headed in for mass, it was a beautiful chapel and it had more statues than my church! The mass went very well and we had a great time, the priest was excellent and my friend and I got to bring up the gifts. My mom got to do the collection and we were happy to have helped out a pt this wonderful chapel. After mass we went to dinner and then went home to prepare for another day.

The next day we woke up and went kayaking, the water was crisp and pure and we were loaded up with food and snacks for our lunch. We swiftly glided across the water but my friends kayak as well as mine was missing a piece so we kept going to the right. My parents had a tandem and wilder along with ease, they were in perfect rhythm with each other and were a joy to watch.

Soon I found us a nice bay to stop for lunch at, I immediately got out and began to swim while my family and friend made a nice spot to sit on shore. It wasn't until a few minutes later that my dad heard a crunch coming from the woods to our left. It was a bear running through the woods, but not just any bear, it was a grizzly. My friend saw it running towards her and she bolted to her kayak faster than anything I ever saw. We all went into a panic and I grabbed all my stuff and threw it into my kayak. I looked over to my right and saw that my friend in the midst of rushing to get to safety has capsized because she sat on the end of the kayak instead of the seat. My dad rushed to help her and they drained it while my mom sat watching with a petrified look on her face. Right after this my lunch box well in the water and began floating towards the shore which was a few feet away. I leaned to get it and end up filling my kayak with water as well, but I finally reached it and began paddling away with my friend behind me. I thought initially my parents were following but I looked back to see them stuck on shore.

They finally freed themselves and rushed from the land, we grouped a few hundred feet from shore to recuperate. I was soaked and every item I had was wet, my friends things were wet too but my parents were dry thankfully. We were all shocked at what happened and couldn't believe it, that night once we had gotten over our near mauling experience my friend told us how when she saw the bear running towards us that she thought she was going to die and when he kayak flipped she accepted her fate. We all laughed then but at the time of the incident it wasn't so funny! The whole night we kept laughing and laughing about how she capsized and freaked out. Because the night before it was my mom freaking out when she saw the bear but this time my friend who was calm before went crazy and freaked out and flipped her boat. It was hilarious! :)

We laughed so hard that night it is was amazing, we couldn't get over our experience! The bear never got to us, we think when my friend flipped out and capsized and was flipping around scared it away.🐻

That night while watching into great silence my dog came back into our cabin which we switched to after the tent cabins. After a few minutes a frog jumped out of my dogs mouth! She had found a frog outside and brought it inside but it pooped in her mouth and she let it out and began foaming at the mouth because of the awful taste in her mouth! We couldn't get over how funny it was, I mean come on, how many frogs jump out of your dogs mouth at 930 at night!

With that on our minds we went to sleep in order to rest for our day of driving home.

The next morning I watched my dog drag my mom back and forth across the street cashing squirrels! It was so awesome seeing the little squirrel running across the street with my dog in chase and my mom being pulled along! We then had breakfast and headed back home with memories of our wonderful trip in our minds. The only mishap on our drive was that our pop up camper that fits in the bed of our truck we brought lost both of its air vent covers in the wind storm. We only realized this when we stopped and my friend came up behind us in her car and told us that she had been calling and honking for the last fifty miles trying to tell us both flew off the road. So with that small mishap under our belts we headed home and are now comfortably resting in our beds in preparation for a wonderful week!

God bless!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in a while! I haven't really been on the computer much since the beginning of summer. I have been doing a lot of reading and things outside at the Carmelite Nuns and hiking up to lakes! :)

I have had a pretty good summer so far, its been really warm and my church has been having a blast with weekly breakfasts and discussions afterwards. We have had a pretty big group forming for the discussions based on our guided Ignatian Retreat, we meet each week on Wednesdays after breakfast to discuss our experiences and our personal ways of meditation. It has been a blast!

Just recently I bought the Four Volume Liturgy of the Hours! I wasn't going to pay $140+ for them so I found a nice used set on ebay for around $90, I figured this type of savings wouldn't be found anytime soon so I got it! I have enjoyed using it, especially since it is the official version of the LOTH.

I had been using the Monastic Diurnal from St. Michael's Abbey and I really enjoy it. The only difficulty is it can only be a private devotion and it is not the official version. But I still use it as a private devotion because I love the flow and the way each office is set up and it does help that it in accordance with the format for the LOTH set up by St. Benedict himself! So I have been switching between both versions and testing out to see which one is best for me to use.

What version do you use? The Christian Prayer Book? Four Volume Set? Monastic Diurnal? Mundelein Psalter? I would love to know!

In addition to this we are going camping to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, my family and I have been going there from the time I was born and my parents since they were married and had me in the womb! So I guess you can say it is a deep rooted tradition!

Some of our favorite things to do there are of course go kayaking and fishing at the gorgeous Jackson Lake! Another tradition we have while there is to go to Signal Mountain Lodge to get the nachos. But you may be asking yourself why nachos, its just cheese and chips. Wrong! It is a mountain 12 inches in height full of meat, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, beans, you name it! This alone serves my entire family for lunch so not only is it good but its inexpensive! :)

Like other years we are using our pop up camper, it fits in the bed of our truck and when we are parked it can be popped up to full height which allows us to sleep and stand and make dinner.

I will post pictures soon, God bless you all!

I will be posting more during the school year, I am using Seton Homeschooling this year, what about you?!