Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pray for Christopher Gray

Hello everyone! Wonderful news, Utah's Christopher Gray will be ordained to the Priesthood this Saturday June 29th at 11am at the Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake City. If you can I would suggest going, it would be a wonderful opportunity!

He was ordained a transitional deacon in Rome and presented the book of the gospels to the Pope!

My main reason for posting this is to ask you to pray for him! Please pray for him and his family!

Spiritual Exercises

This summer our pastor left to visit his family in Poland, and to replace him for the month he is gone we are receiving a Jesuit priest who is going to fill his spot. The most exciting part about it is that he will be doing the spiritual exercises with us and will meet with us 30 minutes per day for meditations. I am so excited to begin them and I hope it all goes well. I will make sure to post more about it soon!

Prayer to St. Ignatius of Loyola

Dear Founder of the Society of Jesus, a wound you received as a soldier led to your becoming a spiritual soldier for Christ. By reading the lives of the Saints, you changed your life and achieved Sainthood. You learned to appreciate the value of prayer and became a master of the Spiritual Exercises, which greatly fostered retreats. Help all who make retreats to imitate your example by becoming true followers of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer by St. Cyril of Alexandria

Hail, Mother and virgin, eternal temple of the Godhead, venerable treasure of creation, crown of virginity, support of the true faith, on which the Church is founded throughout the world.

Mother of God, who contained the infinite God under your heart, whom no space can contain: through you the most Holy Trinity is revealed, adored, and glorified, demons are vanquished, Satan cast down from heaven into hell and our fallen nature again assumed into heaven.

Through you the human race, held captive in the bonds of idolatry, arrives at the knowledge of Truth. What more shall I say of you? Hail, through whom kings rule, through whom the Only-Begotten Son of God has become the Star of Light to those sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death. Amen.

Breakfast after mass!

Hey everyone! I thought I would post an idea that the daily mass goers and I came up with. But first I must explain that we have two churches, one is our main church that seats 600+ and our other church can fit about 70 or so. During the summer we use the smaller church for daily mass and during the winter we use the big church for daily mass since the smaller church is hard to get to.

During the winter we would all get together every Wednesday at the rectory for coffee and pastries. But after we switched to the smaller church we thought we had to place to do our weekly breakfast. But just is week we decided that we would use the small parish hall next to the church to do our weekly breakfast. It worked so well! We made pancakes, doughnuts and coffee and had a great time. We have now decided to continue this every week on Wednesdays! It is a great way to get together after mass and enjoy each others company.

Do you do this at your parish? If not maybe you should start it! Thanks for reading!

We made this pancake at the breakfast:)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Grandma Died + Trip to Seattle

The reason I haven't been posting is because my grandma who lived in Seattle died on May 31st at 2:30 am. She had cancer for many years and after her trip to Hawaii with her husband her health decreased again and two days after she died. When we received the call my mom was at work and I was fishing with my dad and God father. That night we packed up our gear because st the time she was on life support and the next morning before we left the news was broken to us that my grandma had passed on.

Then began our 14 hour drive from Utah through Idaho and Oregon to Seattle. We brought our dog with us and let me tell you, those first 5 hours of hearing her pant tested my patience so much! And to be quite honest the drive wasn't really beautiful until we got to Oregon. On the way we saw huge fields full of wind turbines and we saw one wildfire. It was pretty fun but not very pretty. I got to listen to many Catholic podcasts which was nice and I got through two movies.

We passed so many corn, wheat and vegetable fields and it was so amazing! We planned to stop in Yakima but we couldn't find a decent hotel so we drove for another 3 hours until we reached some funny hotel called Edgewick. Before we got there we passed a hotel that was vacant but still open and my dad really wanted to stay there. I thought it was so scary actually, it was huge and had not lights on! But at Edgewick we were greeted with a Hawaiian theme and the temperature of the room to match...

Early in the morning we packed the car and made the one hour drive to Seattle. Whenever I was a kid and we came up I remembered driving into Seattle. It was so amazing to see everything and go in the tunnels through the hills. Finally we saw the city and drove down to Kingston where we got and line for the ferry. We left the car and walked around the small town with our dog for a few minutes, they had so many wonderful trees, plants and bushes that my dog sniffed all of them and I looked on with amazement.

Next my dad went back to the car with the dog and my mom and I went to greet her sister. It was a sad meeting with tears but it was nice to see her again. After some talking we rushed back to the car and boarded the ferry. It was my dogs first time so she was looking out the window and sniffing everything imaginable.

After the 30 minute ferry ride across the water we drove out of the belly of the ferry and began driving to my grandmas house. That is when the trouble began, I won't go into it but it was pleasant. While I was there I was so happy to see her house and I remember being there as a kid. The two things I remember the best was the wooden parrot in the garage and the refrigerator.

Explanation: whenever my grandma took me to her knitting room or I entered into the house, I saw the wooden parrot! And the refrigerator because we used to stay there and she would allow me to have yogurt!:) silly but memories!

At the time we had no place to stay so I called around and found some beach cottages on Marrowstone Island where my moms great grandma used to live. The cottages had a no pet policy but the man new us and our family and he allowed us to stay. It was such an awesome cottage, maybe 300 square feet. But it had a stove and a kitchen, a bathroom and two beds, and finally a nice view of the beach.

The last time I was out at these cottages the tide was out so far that you could almost walk to the other side! We spent a lot of time walking the beach in our free time and I used the walks to pray my rosary and divine mercy.

So here's where the story's gets interesting, for days I had been catching crabs about 6 inches across that had come up about 5-10 feet from the edge of the water. Well one unfortunate day I picked it up and I held it in the wrong place...I got pinched so hard that I still can't feel my finger one week later. Later I found out that it is a special crab that uses its pitchers to open oyster and clam shells, word of advice, don't pick up big crabs!!

The rest of our stay was bitter sweet because we love Washington but its sad because my grandma wasn't there. Over the days we got to meet her friends who were very kind and very supportive. I ended up receiving my grandmas knitting needles and I was very appreciate to receive them because I always remember her knitting and I remember when my mom taught me to knit.

After that meeting we went to see her other friend and then we headed to see my moms aunt and uncle. I hadn't seen them for a while so it was nice to see them, I didn't know my moms aunt was a painter but I realized that when I saw these beautiful hand made paintings that she made and all these fun seagulls painted on the walls. They gave us some yummy biscuits and we said our good byes and headed into the vast city of Seattle to find St. James Cathedral.

It took us a while to find it after many wrong turns but finally we found it. It was so beautiful! They had so many shrines and especially the shrine to Mary, which was in a dark 10 foot dead end hall way lit up with small beeswax candles leading to a large statue of Mary holding Jesus. Surrounding them were dozens of thin candles, it made it a wonderful place to pray and it was one of my favorite shrines. The next area we visited was the tabernacle, it was in a large caged room full of single kneelers all facing a large golden tree. The tree trunk housed the ciborium and above that, dozens of large golden leaves attached to golden vines crawled up the wall.

It was so spectacular, and I wish that our parish had an awesome Tabernacle like that. After our visit it took us 2 hours to get out of Seattle...couldn't find the entrance ramp to the freeway! That night we drove 4 hours and then stopped at a hotel to stay the night. The next morning we drove another 10 hours which seemed fast for some reason. Finally that night around 8 we arrived at home, thank The Lord for the safe travel and bless His name for all He does! Thanks for reading:)