Monday, December 31, 2012

Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II the Movie

Do you love Bl. Pope John Paul II? Then you will love this movie! The beginning of the movie tells you about his childhood, how he was raised, the hardships he faced and the death of his mother. Throughout the entire movie you get to watch young Karol Wojtyla grow up, enter the priesthood, be ordained as the youngest Bishop in Poland, help collapse several communists regimes and become the second longest serving Popes of all time. This movie is packed with useful information about his entire life and it opens up a whole new perspective on this wonderful Pope. I learned things that I had never known about before I watched this movie. This is a must watch for those who like Bl. Pope John Paul II. Here's a link to where you can find the movie!

Day 16: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. As most of you already know today is day 16 of our 27 rosary novena, looks like we only have 11 days left! Thank you all who have joined us I really appreciate it and I am sure all the families of the victims appreciate it too. Today we will be meditating on the Joyful Mysteries which are The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Presentation and finally The Finding of Jesus in the Temple. Be sure to remember our special intention!

Yours in Christ,


Spiritual Communion Prayer

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holy Family Prayer

JESUS, Son of God and Son of Mary, bless our family. Graciously inspire in us the unity, peace, and mutual love that you found in your own family in the little town of Nazareth.

MARY, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, nourish our family with your faith and your love. Keep us close to your Son, Jesus, in all our sorrows and joys.

JOSEPH, Foster-father to Jesus, guardian and spouse of Mary, keep our family safe from harm. Help us in all times of discouragement or anxiety.

HOLY FAMILY OF NAZARETH, make our family one with you. Help us to be instruments of peace. Grant that love, strengthened by grace, may prove mightier than all the weaknesses and trials through which our families sometimes pass. May we always have God at the center of our hearts and homes until we are all one family, happy and at peace in our true home with you. Amen.

Day 15: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Good Afternoon everyone! Happy Feast Day of the Holy Family, in which we remember Mary, Joseph and Jesus. It's important to remember that Jesus had a family too that loved Him and took care of Him just like we do. He had feelings, emotions just like us, but He did not have sin or commit any sin. He was perfect! Always remember Jesus is both Divine and Human, it is good to remember he has both sides, don't forget about one!

Today is day 15 of our 27 day rosary novena, and today we will be reflecting on the Glorious Mysteries. Which are The Resurrection, The Ascension, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption, and finally The Coronation! Make sure to remember our special intention!

Yours in Christ,


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 14: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Good morning! Today is day 14 of our 27 day rosary novena. We are more than half way finished and I hope all of you are enjoying it so far. Today we are meditating on the Joyful Mysteries which are The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Presentation and finally we have The Finding in the Temple. These are perfect mysteries for this week and let us all enjoy meditating on them. Thank you everyone for joining us I really appreciate it! Just remember when you suffer The Lord is even closer to you because without Him our souls wouldn't be able to handle it. Just keep that in mind.

Yours in the Risen Christ,


Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 13: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Good morning! Today is day 13 of our 27 day rosary novena! Can you believe that? We are almost halfway done! As most of you rosary lovers know today we meditate on The Sorrowful Mysteries: The Agony in the Garden, The Scourging at the Pillar, The Crowning with Thorns, The Carrying of the Cross and finally The Crucifixion. These are sad mysteries to meditate on, but just remember that Jesus did them for you! His love was so great that he suffered torture, beatings and a lot of horrible punishments just for you!

Yours in Christ,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 12: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Good morning everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas Break. Today is day 12 of our 27 day rosary novena, we will be meditating on the Luminous Mysteries which are The Baptism of Christ in the Jordan, The Wedding in Cana, The Proclamation of the Kingdom, The Transfiguration, and finally The Institution of to Eucharist. I love these mysteries, especially the last one because when we take communion we really receive his Holy Body and Blood. How wonderful that He allows us to partake in this wonderful Sacrament, it is truly amazing. Next time you take communion thank The Lord for allowing you to receive Him in silent prayer, praise him and thank him for all that He has done for you. Because it is important to thank him even for the littlest thing because He did it out of Love for you.

Yours in Christ,


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 11: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas Day! My family and I had a wonderful time. Today is day 11 of our 27 day rosary novena for the victims of the Connecticut School Shooting Victims. The Mysteries for today are the Glorious Mysteries, which are The Resurrection of Christ, The Ascension of Christ into Heaven, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, and finally The Coronation of Mary. These mysteries are very nice to meditate on, make sure to pay full attention while you are meditating because these mysteries are very powerful.

P.S. if you can try to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3, it is truly amazing.

Yours in the Merciful Christ,


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 10: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Since today is Christmas we will begin with the joyful mysteries because today is the day of Jesus' birth. The Joyful mysteries are The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Birth of Jesus Christ, The Presentation, and finally The Finding in the temple. Please remember to pray for our special intention. God bless,

Yours in the Risen Christ,


Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 9: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Hope all of you have been or are going to mass tonight. I went to 5 o'clock mass and now I am eating dinner and preparing for midnight mass. As all of you know today is day 9 of our 27 day rosary day novena. With that we are praying the Joyful Mysteries which are The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Presentation and finally The Finding in the Temple. These are beautiful mysteries to meditate on and especially tonight, so grab your family and head to wherever you and your family pray and make sure if you have a small manger to have it there! God bless you!

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 8: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Day 8:

Hello everyone! Today is day eight of our twenty seven day rosary novena. I hope you are All well and enjoying your day especially because it is so close to Our Lords Coming that we have all been anxiously waiting for.  Today are praying the Glorious Mysteries, which are The Resurrection, The Assumption, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption and The Coronation. These are wonderful mysteries and they are good to meditate on especially in these hard times. I hope that in this season you will all find your comfort in The Lord and rely only on Him.

Remember to pray for our special intention! 

Yours in Christ,


4th Week of Advent Candle Prayer

Jesus, your mother, Mary, is “blessed among women.”
We are happy that she said “Yes!” to being your mother.
As we light this candle, we remember that you bring the
light of love into our lives. May your Word be always in
our minds, on our lips, and in our hearts.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent

I wish our Advent Wreath was like that! It would be so fun to light a candle each today for that many days! Happy 4th Sunday of Advent!

Advent Prayer: 

Thank you.  What a gift this morning from you as I watched the blazing sunrise through a cloudy winter sky.  It is hard getting up these dark mornings, Lord, and yet you gift me with a sight that I miss at other times of year, when the weather is warmer and the sun rises before I get up.  I stared out the window at the red and purple light, gloriously framed by the gold of the rising sun.  "Be still, and know that I am God" was the only thing that came to me.  I watched in silence, filled with a sense of your presence in my life.

I am filled with gratitude this day for such a treasure and could feel it and see it as a gift from you. Thank you for your love.  Today, let me carry a sense of how much you love me to send me such a gift.  Let that awareness of your love change the way I treat others today. Let me be more reverent in the irritations of the day.  I ask your help to move through my errands and holiday preparations today with peace and a sense of your sunrise in my heart.  Your glory fills my spirit and I want only to give thanks with my life this day. Amen

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Preparing for Christmas after the loss of a loved one

Such a loss!  Such a keen and tearing pain.  Even when I am in a crowded room, there is a loneliness I never knew existed.  Comforting God, I have turned to you so many times for solace, and I come again. While the world is bright and sparkling, my heart feels leaden and has an emptiness that cannot be filled.

Lord, how can I enter into this season of joy?  In my head I celebrate your birth into this world, but in my everyday life, I am filled with a grief that runs so very deep. You blessed me with a loving relationship and now it is gone from my life. How can I be faithful to that love and the memory of that love and my sorrow in this season of "Rejoice!"??

Tears are so close to the surface all the time and helpful friends who want to "keep me busy" don't seem to really understand that I need to embrace my grief.  I am afraid of letting go of the sadness and losing the deep love connection I had.   

Instead of entering into the Rejoice of Christmas, I long for the sorrow of Lent.  I beg you Lord, show me how the two are connected.  I ponder the name Emmanuel and know that it means "God with us."  With us.  With me in this world, in this sorrow.  If I look beyond my pain, I know that you, too, suffered so much in this world.  I never understood so clearly before that Emmanuel is what your nativity is really about.  You are in my world, in my pain.  
Thank you, Lord, for the loved one you blessed my life with.  Grant me now in my grief, a peace.  Give me a comfort that might not make the tears go away, but that lets me feel your presence as you take up a place deep in my heart, with me. Amen.

Advent Reflection Day 22

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” (Luke 1:46)
How Mary’s heart must have thrilled whenever she thought about the new life growing within her! She rejoiced in God her Savior and acknowledged all the wonder­ful things he had done for her—and would do for her in the future. Mary tasted the love of God in her heart, and that love overflowed into a hymn of praise that has power even today to lift us up in worship.
Imagine how vital Mary’s “yes” to the angel was. Through it, our redemption—and the redemption of billions of others—came about. By this one young woman’s consent, the floodgates of heaven were opened, enabling all humanity to receive God’s love and to be filled with his mercy. Heaven and earth rejoiced at that moment, and they continue to rejoice, for even today we are reaping the fruits of her simple “yes.”
Being very familiar with the stories of her people’s history, Mary could grasp that God wanted nothing but good for them. She could grasp the way he advanced his plan of sal­vation through men and women he had specially chosen. Surprised though she may have been that God would choose her, she nevertheless knew that she could trust him completely. And so in faithful aban­donment, in humility, and probably with some anxiety about the future as well, Mary embraced God’s won­drous plan for her.
Mary’s “yes” was momentous for the world, but don’t diminish the importance of the “yes” you can say to God each and every day. As it happened with Mary, this one sim­ple word can open heaven for you. These days before Christmas give us a special opportunity to welcome Jesus into our hearts and to be transformed by his presence there. It’s also a time when we can bring Christ into the world through the witness of our lives and through our prayers of praise and thanksgiving.
So what are you waiting for? Your Father is calling. Say “yes” to him, and then watch what happens.
“Jesus, I want to say ‘yes’ to you today. I want to open my heart to receive the power of your Holy Spirit. Help me to trust, as Mary did, that you will fulfill your every promise to me.”

Day 7: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victimsn

Good evening everyone! Today is day seven of our twenty-seven day Rosary Novena, that means only 20 more days to go!  I hope that all of you are enjoying it so far. Today we will be praying the Joyful Mysteries which are The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Presentation in the Temple and finally The Finding of Jesus in the Temple. These are wonderful mysteries and they help us prepare for the coming of Our Savior on Christmas. It is good to meditate on these mysteries because it deepens our understand on each mystery and it builds anticipation and longing for the Joyful day of Christmas.

Please remember to pray for our special intention!

Peace of Christ,


Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 6: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Hi! Today is day six of our twenty-seven day rosary novena. Sorry for the late post but I have been decorating the church all day! Today we will be meditating of the Sorrowful Mysteries which are The Agony in the Garden, The Scourging at the Pillar, The Crowning with Thorns, The Carrying of the Cross and finally The Crucifixion. These are very sad mysteries to meditate on, but by His death and Resurrection He has washed away our sins with His Holy Blood and He has opened the gates to Heaven so that we may share in eternal life in perfect union with the Holy Trinity.

Make sure to mention our special intention when you are finished praying. Thanks!

Yours in the Risen Christ,


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent Reflection Day 20

“Ahaz answered, ‘I will not ask! I will not tempt the Lord!’” (Isaiah 7:12)
Like King Ahaz, we too may resist the idea of asking God for a sign. God has already made things so clear in his word that asking for a further sign seems to show a lack of trust. Or maybe we don’t believe God is interested in the details of our daily life or that he cares enough to manifest himself to us in a personal way.
Still, a sign from God can be exactly what we need to move us along the path to deeper spiritual maturity. Near the beginning of that path, God delights in answering what has come to be known as The Seeker’s Prayer: “God, if you’re real, I want to know you. Show your­self to me in a way I can recognize.” This is a good way to pray for our loved ones who do not presently acknowledge God.
Those who have already com­mitted ourselves to the Lord often hesitate when there’s a fork in the road. We can easily decide between a clear good and a blatant evil. Obviously I should count to ten instead of exploding at my defiant teenager! But more often, two good alternatives are placed before us.
God trusts us to make a good deci­sion and promises to walk with us along either branch of the path. But before we decide, we long to know what he thinks is truly best for us. In a situation like this, it may also be appropriate to ask God for a sign.
That sign may take many forms. Sometimes it is a spoken word that resonates in our heart. Sometimes it’s something in nature, like a rose blooming out of season. Or we can open Scripture, and ask the Spirit to lead us to a particular passage. A person considering a job transfer may find Genesis 12, God calling Abraham to leave his homeland, or St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:26, “Remain as he is.”
God doesn’t work like a magi­cian. When you sense him leading you in a particular direction, test the word in several ways. Make sure it is consistent with Scripture and our Catholic tradition. Seek the advice of trusted mentors. Wait until you are at peace that this is God’s word to you. Then move for­ward with confidence, and let God go to work!
“Father, I delight in doing your will. Make your way clear before me.”

Day 5: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Hi everyone! Today is day five of our twenty-seven day rosary novena, I hope all of you are enjoying it so far and I hope that you all are able to participate in this time of prayer. Today we are praying the Luminous Mysteries which are The Baptism in the Jordan, The Wedding at Cana, The Proclamation of the Kingdom, The Transfiguration and finally The Institution of the Eucharist. These are very wonderful mysteries and whenever I meditate on them they give me great joy. I hope they do the same for you!

Please remember our special intention when you are finished!

Here is a letter from the sister of Father Luke who has been tirelessly working to help minister to those families, friends and the community in which the Shooting occurred.

My friends, 

> All of you, I am sure, have heard so much about the tragedy in
> Newtown, CT. Many of you have received emails from me about my
> younger brother, Father Luke Suarez, who is a priest at St. Rose
> of Lima parish, a Catholic church just down the road from Sandy
> Hook Elementary. He, and his pastor, Monsignor Weiss, arrived at
> the school within moments of the shooting, and have been caring
> for the community ever since. The picture I have included was
> taken at the school. 

> Father Luke has an impossible task before him. His diocese is
> without a bishop right now.... Monsignor ... is personally
> devastated by the losses. The parish is very large.... The
> rectory has received serious threats, and as my brother gave the
> homily Sunday at the noon mass, the church had to be evacuated by
> SWAT teams. After experiencing identity theft and online hacking
> incidents, he had to erase all of his internet accounts. After a
> weekend of endless media requests, notifications and vigils with
> heartbroken families, and little sleep, he now has two wakes and
> two funerals every day, until the fourth Sunday of Advent. Father
> Luke has not even been ordained two years. 

> My large family has been trying to send Father Luke our love and
> support from afar, and one of my brothers was able to visit with
> him briefly a couple times. All he asks for is prayer. 

> I have been wracking my brain, trying to think of a way that our
> beautiful, loving community could tangibly reach out to Father
> Luke, Monsignor Weiss, and the St. Rose parish, to support them
> in this most awful of times. I have sent many prayer requests,
> and I am asking for more prayers again. But I also want to ask
> everyone to search their hearts, and if the Holy Spirit moves
> you, please consider sending one of your family's Christmas cards
> to the rectory, with a few words of love and encouragement. Here
> is his address: 

> Father Luke Suarez 
> 46 Church Hill Road 
> Newtown, CT 06470 

> My brother has said over and over again that without the prayer
> support he is receiving, he could not keep going. And this week
> is only the beginning. Everyone there is still in shock. Their
> peaceful home has been desecrated by violence. They will need to
> live with this sorrow forever. 

> But in our weakness is His strength. Grace abounds. Can you help
> me carry him through this time of trial? 

> On a hopeful note, Father Luke did say that no media coverage has
> even touched the deep, beautiful awakening of faith that has
> occurred there. Their tiny church, where my children have
> received sacraments and where Luke was ordained, has been full of
> people in prayer without ceasing since this tragedy happened.
> Love is stronger than death. 

> Please feel free to share the address with your family, friends,
> and community. An outpouring of love will sustain these good
> priests through their impossible ministry-impossible on their
> own, but possible with God. 

> I am so grateful to live in this community. We are all so blessed
> with one another. Every day, I see you all loving one another as
> Christ loved. Thank you for letting me reach out to you now. 

> With humble appreciation. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Reflection Day 19

“Do not be afraid, Zechariah, because your prayer has been heard.” (Luke 1:13)
Albert Einstein once said: “you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a mir­acle.” It seems as though Zechariah started out as the former and ended up as the latter.
Today’s Gospel reading praises Zechariah, along with his wife Elizabeth, for being “righteous in the eyes of God, observing all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blamelessly” (Luke 1:6). Yet Zechariah scoffs. “Who? Us? We’re an old couple, ready to retire. You’ve got to be kidding!” While Elizabeth is “filled with the Holy Spirit” and immedi­ately recognizes Mary as the mother of the Savior (1:41-45), Zechariah’s mind, led by human reasoning, is still under a shadow of unbelief. He joins a venerable list of biblical “doubters,” including the apos­tles Thomas and Saul of Tarsus, as well as Abraham’s wife, Sarah, who laughs at her own late parenthood. But God doesn’t discard them for their lack of faith. In fact, he uses it for our edification and his glory!
In the end, Zechariah testifies to the fact that God not only for­gives, he rewards—in this case with insight, faith, and a holy progeny. Zechariah’s lengthy silence turns into a blessing, a chance to contemplate Scripture and to watch the promises of God’s “holy prophets from of old” come to their fulfillment. As soon as he names his son, Zechariah is “filled with the Holy Spirit” and moved to rejoice in “the tender mercy of our God” (Luke 1:78).
How reassuring it is to know that our past doubts and our inability to trust God don’t cloud his desire to bless us! Just as God poured his grace on Zechariah, he will show his favor to us as well. In fact, our Father is constantly at work molding us into the trusting, believing disciples he knows we can become.
God has a marvelous plan for you, just as he did for Zechariah and his family. What’s more, he longs to show you his plan. So in prayer today, fix your eyes on your heav­enly Father. Imagine him smiling on you with love and compassion. Then practice Zechariah’s prayerful silence—not as a punishment but so that you might hear God’s voice and feel his love in your heart.
“Father, speak to me as I quiet myself before you.”

Day 4: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Good morning everyone. Hope all of you have had a wonderful morning so far. As you know today is day four of our twenty-seven day rosary novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims. During our recitation of the rosary let us all try to meditate deeply on the 5 mysteries of today, which are The Resurrection, The Ascension, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption of the Virgin, and finally the Coronation of Our Blessed Mother. These are wonderful mysteries and they are wonderful to meditate on, they bring such happiness and joy and we need that in these hard times.

Make sure to pray for our special intention when you are finished. Please share with you family and friends our Novena. May God richly bless you and your family.

Your's in Christ,


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Promises of the Holy Face Devotion

Revelations to Sr. Mary of St. Peter,
Discalced Carmelite Nun of Tours, France,
in favor of those who honor His Holy Face. Details of these revelations are found in the book named The Golden Arrow (
the autobiography of Sister Mary of St. Peter)

bullet1. By offering My Face to My Eternal Father, nothing will be refused, and the conversion of many sinners will be obtained.
bullet2. By My Holy Face, they will work wonders, appease the anger of God and draw down mercy on sinners.
bullet3. All those who honor My Face in a spirit of reparation will by so doing perform the office of the pious Veronica.
bullet4. According to the care they take in making reparation to My Face disfigured by blasphemers, so will I take care of their souls which have been disfigured by sin. My Face is the Seal of the Divinity, which has the virtue of reproducing in souls the image of God.
bullet5. Those who by words, prayers or writings defend My cause in the Work of Reparation, especially My priests, I will defend before My Father, and will give them My Kingdom.
bullet6. As in a kingdom they can procure all that is desired with a coin stamped with the King's effigy, so in the Kingdom of Heaven they will obtain all they desire with the precious coin of My Holy Face.
bullet7. Those who on earth contemplate the wounds of My Face shall in Heaven behold it radiant with glory.
bullet8. They will receive in their souls a bright and constant irradiation of My Divinity, that by their likeness to My Face they shall shine with particular splendor in Heaven.
bullet9. 1 will defend them, I will preserve them and I assure them of Final Perseverance. 

Holy Face of Jesus Devotion

The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)

This Devotion is one of my favorites along side Divine Mercy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Make sure to visit for more resources!

as requested by Our Lord Jesus Christ. These prayers are to be said on Sundays and the Holy Days of Obligation, publicly (if possible), and preferably before the Blessed Sacrament or before the picture of the Holy Face.
    Dear Lord, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I (we) offer You these prayers in reparation for the sins which offend God the most in these modern times--the sins of BLASPHEMY and the PROFANATION OF SUNDAY and Your Holy Days of Obligation:
One Our Father, Hail Mary,
and Glory Be To The Father

THE "GOLDEN ARROW" PRAYER dictated by Our Lord to Sister Mary of St. Peter
May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and unutterable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified, in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.
After receiving this prayer, Sister Mary of St. Peter was given a vision in which she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus delightfully wounded by this "Golden Arrow", as torrents of graces streamed from It far the conversion of sinners.
    I salute Thee, I adore Thee and I love Thee, O adorable Face of Jesus, my Beloved, noble Seal of the Divinity! Outraged anew by blasphemers. I offer Thee, through the heart of Thy blessed Mother, the worship of all the Angels and Saints, most humbly beseeching Thee to repair and renew in me and in all men Thy Image disfigured by sin.
    O adorable Face which was adored, with profound respect, by Mary and Joseph when they saw Thee for the first time, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which did ravish with joy, in the stable of Bethlehem, the Angels, the shepherds and the magi, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which did transpierce with a dart of love in the Temple, the saintly old man Simeon and the prophetess Anna, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which filled with admiration the Doctors of the law when Thou didst appear in the Temple at the age of twelve years, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which possesses beauty always ancient and always new, have mercy...
    O adorable Face which is the masterpiece of the Holy Ghost, in which the Eternal Father is well pleased, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which is the ineffable mirror of the divine perfection, have mercy on us.
    Adorable Face of Jesus which was so mercifully bowed down on the Cross, on the day of Thy Passion, for the salvation of the world! Once more today in pity bend down towards us poor sinners. Cast upon us a glance of compassion and give us Thy peace.
     O adorable Face which became brilliant like the sun and radiant with glory, on the Mountain of Tabor, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which wept and was troubled at the tomb of Lazarus, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which was rendered sad at the sight of Jerusalem, and shed tears on that ungrateful city, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which was bowed down to the ground in the Garden of Olives, and covered with confusion for our sins, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which was covered with the sweat of blood, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which was struck by a vile servant, covered with a veil of shame, and profaned by the sacrilegious hands of Thy enemies, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which by Its divine glance, wounded the heart of St. Peter with a dart of sorrow and love, have mercy on us.
    Be merciful to us, O my God! Do not reject our prayers, when in the midst of our afflictions, we call upon Thy Holy Name and seek with love and confidence Thy adorable Face.
    O adorable Face which was washed and anointed by Mary and the holy women and covered with a shroud, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which was all resplendent with glory and beauty on the day of the Resurrection, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which is hidden in the Eucharist, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which will appear at the end of time in the clouds with great power and great majesty, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which will make sinners tremble, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which will fill the just with joy for all eternity, have mercy on us.
    O adorable Face which merits all our reverence, our homage and our adoration, have mercy on us.
    O Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved!
    O Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved!
    O Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved!
    Almighty and Eternal Father, since it has pleased Our Divine Savior to reveal to mankind in modern times the power residing in His Holy Face, we now avail ourselves of this Treasure in our great need. Since our Savior Himself promised that by offering to You His Holy Face disfigured in the Passion we can procure the settlement of all the affairs of our household, and that nothing whatsoever will be refused to us, we now come before Your throne.
    Eternal Father, turn away Your angry gaze from our guilty people whose face has become unsightly in Your eyes. Look instead upon the Face of Your Beloved Son; for this is the Face of Him in whom You are well pleased. We now offer You His Holy Face covered with blood, sweat, dust, spittle and shame, in reparation for the worst crimes of our age, which are atheism, blasphemy, and the desecration of Your holy days. We thus hope to appease Your anger justly provoked against us. The All-Merciful Advocate opens His mouth to plead our cause; listen to His cries, behold His tears, O God, and through the merits of His Holy Face hearken to Him when He intercedes for us poor miserable sinners.

Day 3: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Hello everyone! Today is day three of our twenty-seven day rosary novena. I hope all of you are having a good time praying and I hope that most of you praying along with us. What better way to express our needs to our God that in prayer? None! Prayer is such an amazing gift because it allows us to communicate with our God! How amazing is this, that we unworthy human beings disfigured by sin get to be in constant contact with our God? To me it is is up there with the greatest gifts he has given us!

Today are the Sorrowful Mysteries, which are the Agony in the Garden, The Scourging at the Pillar, The Crowning with Thorns, The Carrying of the Cross and finally The Crucifixion. If you have trouble visualizing these mysteries watch segments of the Passion of the Christ or better yet just watch the whole movie. Thank you everyone for joining!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 2: Rosary Novena for the Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Good morning everyone! Today is day two of our twenty-seven day Rosary Novena! Hope that you are all able to pray with us. Today we will be praying the Joyful Mysteries which are: The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Presentation and finally The Finding of Jesus in the Temple.

Make sure when you are finished to remember our special intention.

In times like these it is good to remember that "He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign LORD will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove the disgrace of his people from all the earth. The LORD has spoken. Isaiah 25:8 

Make sure to join the Google+ community here.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 1: Rosary Novena for Connecticut School Shooting Victims

Hello everyone! Hope that some of you are planning on joining us in a 27 day novena for the Victims of the Connecticut School Shooting. If you have not already seen on our community on Google+ today we are praying the Glorious Mysteries. Which are the Resurrection of Our Lord, The Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, The Assumption of the Virgin, and finally the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When you have completed the saying of the rosary make sure to make know our special intention. Thank you all who have been praying with us for the innocent victims. I look forward to many more days of prayer with you all.

Yours in Christ,


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Novena for the Victims of the Connecticut School Shooting.

Hello everyone. I am sure you are all aware that yesterday 12/14/12, a man forcefully entered a school and murdered 20 young children between the ages of 5-10 and killed 7 adults who risked their lives to protect the students from the gunman. In honor of the 27 innocent victims, Grace and I have created a page called "Novena for the Victims of the Connecticut Shooting," it is 27 days long in honor of the 27 people who were killed.

Each day we will pray the rosary with the special intention being all those who were killed, wounded and for their families. Our goal is to unite in prayer to support these families and give them courage and hope in the hard times to come.

I sincerely ask you to please join us, all it takes in 20 minutes in the morning or on the way to work to pick up your rosary and pray for these murder victims. We would also appreciate sharing this with your friends so that they too might join together in prayer.

I hope you join us! Please join the community on Google+ to receive prayers, updates, scripture readings and a reminder to pray the novena. Click here to be directed to our Google+ page so that you may join the community.

St. Felicity is the Patron of Parents who have lost a child in death and is a the Patron of the death of Children. In this spiritual journey remember to ask St. Felicity to pray for you and your children.

If you will be joining us please comment below or join our community and post it there. We will be starting this Novena tomorrow so please be sure to join.

Loving in the Risen Christ,


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Lady of Guadalupe


Why is it that Juan Diego’s  tilma, which was a type of outer garment worn by men made of cactus fibers containing the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe been puzzling scientists for years? It is because the image on the tilma cannot be explained by modern science. We may be able to grasp at the key components of the image but science will never be able to solve it. Only faith and the knowledge that Our Lady is responsible for the miraculous image will help us understand the mystery behind it. In the following paragraphs we will be exploring the history of the tilma and the many attempts to try to understand this image by modern scientists. Therefore, the picture of Our Lady of Guadeloupe on Juan Diego’s tilma is in fact real and is not the product of trickery or forgery, but a real relic sent from heaven.

Before we begin exploring the miraculous picture of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, let us first understand how the image came into being and the story behind it. It all started on December 9, 1531 when a peasant named Juan Diego was walking from his village to Mexico City when on the Hill of Tepeyac he saw a young girl of fifteen to sixteen years of age, surrounded by light. She began to speak to him in the local language which was Nahuatl, and she asked that a church be built there in her honor. He soon recognized the Lady as the Virgin Mary, and soon after his vision he went to tell the story to the Spanish Archbishop, who instructed him to return to the hill and ask the lady for a sign to prove her identity. Juan, being obedient to the Archbishop’s orders, returned to the hill where the Virgin Mary told him to gather the flowers that were atop the hill. This was strange because it was December which was very late in the growing season. At the usually flowerless and barren hilltop he found Castilian roses, which were roses not native to Mexico. The Virgin arranged the roses in his tilma and she instructed him not to show anyone besides the archbishop. When he was in the archbishop’s presence he let his tilma go and the flowers fell to the flower, and with this the archbishop and his servants fell to the floor because behind the flowers was an image of the Virgin Mary. The image of the virgin matched the description from the Book of Revelation, “A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” (Revelation 12:1).

To this day, 481 years later, the tilma with the miraculous image remains free from deterioration and free from decay. Like most tilma’s at the time, it was woven from cactus fibers and was only supposed to last 30-40 years, but the tilma of Juan Diego has been preserved miraculously. Dr. Aldofo Orozco told members at the International Marian Congress there is no scientific explanation for the 481 years of high-quality preservation of the tilma or the miracles that have occurred to ensure its safety and preservation. There have been numerous tests where they have placed a replica of the tilma in the same environment as the miraculous tilma only to find that the replica started to decay and wear away. Scientists are still trying to figure out how the miraculous image was preserved from the spilling of acid on the tilma and the even more outstanding survival of the image after a bomb exploded close to it. Not even the case was destroyed, but almost everything around it was. There has been a secular movement that tries to degrade miracles like this one, but their arguments are devoid of fact because scientific research is on the side of this miraculous image. Miracles like this have stumped countless scientists and made believers of many but there is still much more about this tilma than meets the eye.


Once again we come upon another amazing feature, was discovered by Dr. Aste Tonsmann, who is a civil engineer with a doctorate from Cornell University. In his study of the tilma he used digital imagery and isolated 13 human figures in the corneas of the image. He says that the people in the image correspond to the people who were present when Juan Diego showed his tilma to the Archbishop in the year of 1531. He showed high-resolution digital photographs taken from the corneas of both the right and left eyes of the image and with color enhancement he helped make the people in her eyes more visible. Tonsmann believes that the presence of the figures points to the idea that before leaving her image on Juan Diego’s tilma, Our Lady appeared across from the people in the office and before she imprinted her image on the tilma in all of the people’s presence. The people that see saw in her eyes were also miraculously captured and preserved on the tilma. Tonsmann has backed up his theory with photographic evidence that the same figures are seen in both eyes and that the difference in each eye corresponds to the angle of her head shown in the image.Some people believe that the people in the eyes are no more than some crazy man’s ability able to make the people from the random shapes. This argument is okay for those who are not familiar with Dr. Aste Tonsmann’s research, in light of his fervent studies his research shows that in fact 13 people are shown in her eyes that are not man-made and that the figures in the eyes match up perfectly with the angle of her head and of the people present when he Diego presented the tilma. This research has led many scientists to believe that the figures in the eyes are miraculous and not man-made.


Another unbelievable thing about this image is that the Virgin Mary is clothed in a blue cloak with stars on it. Most people would think that this is not important. But in reality, it is very important because according to the researcher Mendoza, the stars on her cloak actually match up to the star pattern that could have only appeared in the precise locations on her cloak on the day of December 12, 1531 at dawn. In addition, the very stars on her cloak would be observed from the precise angle to the sky created from a Guadalupe, Mexico viewing point. From an observer’s viewpoint, the same constellations on her cloak are in their proper positions as they would appear in the sky. Another significant discovery is that the moon she is standing on is a crescent moon and the concave side is facing east, since both the moon and Our Lady are pointing upward in the image. On December 12, 1531 there was a crescent moon in the sky whose concave side faced to the east. A star map from this day at 6pm as viewed from Mexico shows that the evidence just presented in fact coincides with the pattern on her cloak. Some skeptics believe that the researchers just made up the patterns of the stars on her cloak, but as this researcher shows, he has a star map and evidence to prove that this image is not trickery or some person’s imagination but a sign sent from God. 

If the preceding information was not enough to make you believe that this image is real not man-made, the following should help you make your decision. Mendoza, a professor of ethics at the Technological Institute of Durango, Mexico has been extensively studying Juan Diego’s tilma for the past 30 years and according to his research he firmly claims that, “by imposing a topographical map of central Mexico on Our Lady’s dress, the mountains, river and principal lakes coincide with the decoration of this dress.” Another analysis shows that there is no trace of drawing or sketching under the color, which is another reason why someone couldn’t have done this by hand. Some people think that the touchups done prove that this was done by hand and not miraculous, but it has been proven that although there have been touch-ups, the original is free from pencil marks and other imprints.  He even stated that a professor from NASA conducted an independent study in 1979 and found that the pigments used for the pink dress, the blue veil, the face and the hands, the permanence of the colors, or the vividness of the colors after several centuries would have ordinarily deteriorated, observation made by Scientists from the NASA Research Center). Further proof suggests the supernatural origin of the tilma comes from St. Luke, who in the year 71 AD painted a portrait of Our Lady that is remarkably close to this miraculous image, noted Mendoza. “This is a true sign that this is an act of God,” said Mendoza.

Furthermore, this image proves to be one of the most visited Marian Shrines to this day, and this further adds to its authenticity because Jesus says, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” (Matthew 7:18). Backed with scientific evidence and support from researchers and believers alike I can firmly acclaim that the image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe is in fact a relic sent from heaven and that it is not a work of trickery or forgery. I implore you to see the truth behind this image and recognize it as a sign from God. If you are a believer of this image share the truth with others so that they may believe.

Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day! In our church we placed our image of Our Lady of Guadalupe near our baptismal font and placed candles and tons and tons of red, white, pink and purple roses in front of the image. The smell of incense was in the air and it was an amazing mass.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!

Here is a  link to a great coloring page:

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, that in thy celestial apparitions on the mount of Tepeyac, thou didst promise to show thy compassion and pity towards all who, loving and trusting thee, seek thy help and call upon thee in their necessities and afflictions.
Thou didst promise to hearken to our supplications, to dry our tears and to give us consolation and relief. Never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, either for the common welfare, or in personal anxieties, was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence, we fly unto thee, O Mary, ever Virgin Mother of the True God! Though grieving under the weight of our sins, we come to prostrate ourselves in thy august presence, certain that thou wilt deign to fulfill thy merciful promises. We are full of hope that, standing beneath thy shadow and protection, nothing will trouble or afflict us, nor need we fear illness, or misfortune, or any other sorrow.
Thou hast decided to remain with us through thy admirable image, thou who art our Mother, our health and our life. Placing ourselves beneath thy maternal gaze and having recourse to thee in all our necessities we need do nothing more. O Holy Mother of God, despise not our petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer us. (Here mention your petition.)
Five Hail gratitude for the four apparitions to Juan Diego and the one to Juan Bernardino.

Monday, December 10, 2012


I have been nominated by Raychill!

Seven things about me:

1. I love to read.
2. I go to daily mass with my dad.
3. I make doughnuts for our weekly church brunch! :)
4. I LOVE adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
5. My favorite structured prayer is the Rosary.
6. I am a firm believer of the Divine Mercy Message.
7. St. Charbel is my favorite saint!


St. Eulalia de Merida

Status: Virgin, Martyr
Born: c.290, Merida, Spain
Died: c.304, Merida, Spain
Patron of: Torture victims, runaways, Merida and Oviedo.

Although hidden in the countryside by her Christian mother to avoid the persecutions of Maximian and Diocletian, when Christians were forced to apostatize or face death. Eulalia escaped and presented herself at the court of the Roman governor. She declared her Christian faith insulted the pagan gods and the emperor and dared the governor to martyr her. In spite of the judge's entreaties to the young girl, he was eventually forced to condemn her.

She was stripped naked, tortured with hooks and torches and was finally burned tied to a cross. Throughout these imprecations she taunted her enemies and continued to avow her faith. When she finally expired a dove was seen flying out of her mouth and snow miraculously fell to cover her nakedness. Eulalia's veneration proved very important in Visigothic Spain and her relics were distributed widely.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Prayer


Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, ever faithful to your promises and ever close to your Church: the earth rejoices in hope of the Savior's coming and looks forward with longing to his return at the end of time. Prepare our hearts and remove the sadness that hinders us from feeling the joy and hope which his presence will bestow, for he is Lord for ever and ever.

Second Sunday of Advent Wreath Prayer

Light the 1st purple candle (repeat first week's prayer)
Light the 2nd purple candle

Stir up our hearts, O Lord,
to prepare the paths of thine Only-begotten Son:
that we may worthily serve thee
with hearts purified by His coming:
Who livest and reignest with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
ever one God, world without end. Amen.

Alternate/Complementary Prayer:
O King of all nations, Jesus Christ,
only joy of every heart,
come and save your people.
(From Christmas Prayers, Victor Hoagland, C.P.)

Micah 5:2
Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11
Isaiah 2:1-5
Matthew 3:1-6

Advent Reflection Day 9

“A voice of one crying out in the desert.” (Luke 3:4)

Tiberius. Pilate. Herod. Philip. Lysanias. Annas. Caiaphas. These men ruled the secular and religious worlds at the time of Christ. Mighty Rome, led by Tiberius Caesar, held Judea in its grip, and Pilate exercised Rome’s power there. Herod, Philip, and Lysanias governed, with Caesar’s blessing, the rest of the kingdom. Caiaphas was the reigning high priest, and Annas, though retired, still held great sway.

But then came a voice, just one voice in the desert, heralding the coming of One who is above all powers and principalities. One sin­gle voice! God didn’t have to send a host of angels to herald the coming of his Son, Jesus—although he did send one, as a grand display of his joy. A single voice, residing not in the halls of power but in the wilder­ness of the desert, was all he needed. And the people flocked to that voice!
Such is the authority of the word of God—a word spoken by the lone voice of the prophet John and his mighty successor, Jesus. Their voices proclaimed a foolishness that is wiser than human wisdom and a weakness that surpasses our strength.

Even today, God’s voice has the power to silence all the other voices in our lives. The devil may accuse us. Our own flesh may croon words of self-indulgence and self-pity. Even the world may offer us an unremitting barrage of “wisdom” and woe and invitations to the next best thing. But God’s voice can still them all.
What is that voice saying to you today? Listen for it. Pay attention to it and treasure it. Know that every time you hear that voice, Jesus is drawing you a little bit closer. His promises become more real to you, and his power becomes more believ­able. Turn to that voice. Absorb its words of love and encouragement and hope. Follow its gentle leading. This still, small voice has the power to silence all others!

“Father, I want to hear your voice today. Open my ears, so that I can hear you; open my heart, so that I can embrace you.”

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy 16th Anniversary of Ordination Fr. Umana German

Bishop John Wester 4th from left, and Fr. German to the right of Bishop Wester.

Fr. Umana German celebrated his 16th anniversary of his ordination today December the 7th. He has been one of our wonderful priests are our parish, St. Mary's of the Assumption Catholic Church. He is a wonderful person and is very kind and I would just like to wish him a happy 16th anniversary of his ordination! Let us all pray for him and for more vocations to the priesthood. 

God Bless.